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How to contact The Express Tribune

Please address any correspondence to:

The Express Tribune Office
5 Expressway, Off Korangi road
Karachi, 75500

The switchboard number for The Express Tribune is: 111-397-737 or dialing from overseas +92-21-111-397-737 and +92-21-358-000-51 to 58

Fax Number: 35800050


Islamabad Bureau Office
15-1 & T Center
Khayabane Suharwardi, Abpara Road
Phone: 051-2624820-7


Lahore Bureau Office
Plot #229-A, Main FerozPur Road
Phone: 042 5847522

Website user help at

For any problems using the website and its links, or general questions and feedback about, email: [email protected]

To contact Sales

Lahore Office
Plot #229-A, Main FerozPur Road, Lahore
Phone: 042 35718422

To contact editorial departments/desks

See the list below - please take care to send queries to the correct destination as there is no guarantee that messages will be forwarded.

The Express Tribune: Editorial departments and desks

National desk [email protected]

Karachi desk [email protected]

Lahore desk [email protected]

Islamabad desk [email protected]

Opinion & Editorial desk [email protected]

Business desk [email protected]

Sports desk [email protected]

Life & Style desk [email protected]

Web desk [email protected]

Blog desk [email protected]

To contact any member of staff

Individual staff can be contacted using this email format: [email protected]

Letters to the editor

Letters for publication should be sent to [email protected]

Corrections and clarifications of content

It is the policy of The Express Tribune to correct factual/editorial errors and handle editorial complaints as soon as possible.

Contact: [email protected]

[* Please note that queries about subscriptions, vouchers, reader offers, advertising, marketing and other non-editorial areas are not handled by the above. These should be addressed to the relevant departments (see above). Story suggestions should also be sent to the relevant departments.]

Comment Moderation

For more information about comment moderation, click here or contact [email protected]

Advertisers, sponsorship and e-commerce

To find out more about all advertising opportunities in The Express Tribune

Email: [email protected]

Freelance contributions

Story pitches should be sent to relevant editorial department or at [email protected]

Employment and work experience

If you are interested in working for The Express Tribune or the Express Media Group please click here.

You can also email [email protected] or call 35800051-58 /35804227


If your query concerns a subscription please click here.

You can also contact [email protected] or call:

  • Karachi: (021) 353 188 66

Content distribution and syndication

If you wish to re-publish The Express Tribune articles or photography, please email [email protected] or call our overseas number (above).